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Growing (Startup) Pains and why this 100+ head CEO still interviews new hires. ft Dr. Marcus Tan (HealthEngine)

Join us are we chat with Dr. Marcus Tan, co-founder & CEO of HealthEngine: A venture backed darling of the Australian startup scene, now with over 100+ team that started in his lounge room. Settle in for an inspiring episode as Tim & Damian explore HealthEngine's story as Marcus shares some of the lessons (and scars) he's gained along the way.

Dr Marcus Tan


Digital Transformation, Dunbar limits and Designing effective teams ft Giles Anderton (ex-Guardian)

ex-Head of Digital Transformation at the Guardian, and Principal Consultant at Cantor & Ball, Giles Anderton knows what it takes to ‘break it before you make it’. In this podcast Tim & Damian explore Giles’ story, the effect of Dunbar’s no. on organisations and how he design teams at produce results. Listen in as they gain valuable insights on their quest to make work, work better.

Gile Anderton


Building a Unicorn Culture ft. Clayton Moulynox 🦄 (ex-Auth0, ex-Microsoft)

Unicorn Auth0's former Head of Culture & Head of Customer Success, and on deck with Microsoft during their cloud transition, Clayton Moulynox has a wealth of experience and expertise manage the pain of designing work and teams in fast growing companies. In this podcast Tim & Damian explore Clayton's story, how he approaches conflict, structures he's found useful, hiring sprees, and along the way gain valuable insights on their quest to make work, work better.

Clayton Moulynoux


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Listen to the world’s best share their stories and secrets on how they designed and built the best places to work. We’ll shine a light on the challenges and breakthroughs of designing org charts, optimizing teams and building workplaces that people love.

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Functionly is something I wish I had decades ago. This would have saved my team hours of work setting up and maintaining clear role responsibilities.


Kattie Capozza

Walt Disney Company (ex)

The traditional org chart is something I've struggled with. After seeing how the many functional roles could be sliced and diced, Functionly helped me radically optimize the people and workflows in my company.


Arnie Boyarsky

SugarShot Technology

It’s like Trello but purpose-built for functional work design.
The UX and the team behind it are awesome.


Tyron Hayes

Growth Generators

Functionly is one of the best, if not the best tool I have found to help my clients organize (and reorganize) their talent to deliver excellence.


Ron Schwartz

Brass Tacks

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