Goodbye to traditional org charts and hello to intelligent organizations.


The org you need

Operational resilience. Team alignment. The right people in the right places. We all crave the reality of an organization where everything clicks into place. Where teams know what they’re doing and feel a sense of connectedness to the vision. Where leaders are given clarity and visibility to make real-time decisions.

But, you have complexity

When you’re smaller it’s easier to achieve harmony because everything is within reach. You know every person on the team and exactly what they’re doing. But it doesn’t last because complexity scales with you. Once you pass a certain size, leaders lose visibility on the ground and it’s harder to find mobilize change.


And, the world is changing

Now, more than ever, change is the only constant. We built Functionly to help businesses navigate the inevitable changes that come from economic uncertainty, product pivots, downsizing and growth. You don’t have time to stop on a dime while mid-flight and re-structure from the ground up. And now, with Functionly, you don’t have to.

Built strong

The DNA that powers Functionly is a passion for better culture and fewer gaps, faster work environments and happier workforces. Here’s the team making it a reality.


Amy Springer

Chief of Staff

Andrew Moon


Connor Fraser-Grant


Damian Bramanis

CTO & Co-Founder

John Cinquina

Brand & Marketing

Justin Morrison

Board Secretary

Phill Claxton


Renae Hunt


Rory Mustan

Customer Success

Tarnya Meegahage


Tim Brewer

CEO & Co-Founder

Tyler Smith


Ron Schwartz

Community of Practice

Glenn Bergsma

Community of Practice

Kate Taylor

Advisor (Growth)

Jonathon Grant

Advisor (Operations)

Ben Naftzger

Advisor (GTM)

Matt Macfarlane

Founding Advisor

Andrew Larsen

Founding Advisor

Andrew Mackenzie-Ross

Advisor (Engineering)

Jonathan Steingiesser

Advisor (Design Research)


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We’re a fast growing, global and 100% remote workforce. We have career openings for engineers, product experts, design sages and data analysts.

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