Design & build the
best place to work

A work design platform that provides the tools and visibility
you need to lead transformational change.
Lead with clarity

Bring accountabilities to life with ‘who does what’ in your organization. Take action to get the right people in the right seats, at executive, team and individual levels with one real-time source of truth. There’s nothing more productive than getting on the same page.

Visibility, finally

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Map and understand your organization with Functionly. See teams and responsibilities in one central place, and identify gaps in resourcing. Goodbye spreadsheets and sticky notes, hello seamless org design.

Motivational alignment

Help leaders guide responsibility allocation by understanding how to increase team energy and satisfaction, while being on the same page with the company’s expectations. Build alignment that’s not only effective, but motivational.

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Better Work. Better World. Solving the chaos that occurs with growth, downsizing and evolution.

Trusted by the best teams

Functionly supports teams to

Build better leaders
Enable people managers to effectively guide their team members to excel at your organization. Optimize team resourcing and responsibilities, craft career paths that provide motivation, and allocate the right people, in the right seats at the right time.
Navigate org change
Make the right moves at the right time and successfully navigate change by providing your leaders with insights on where the functional gaps are, and where to invest the right resources.
Prepare for the future
Invest in the things that matter. Be proactive about your future state and ensure everyone is on the same page. Assess resource levels at a glance and easily map and plan your entire org structure through to individual responsibility.
"Functionly is something I wish I had decades ago. This would have saved my team hours of work setting up and maintaining clear role responsibilities."
Kattie Capozza, The Walt Disney Company | Gates Foundation