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Goodbye spreadsheets, diagrams, and slides. Hello drag & drop org charts, and organigrams.


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Lose the spreadsheets, diagrams, & slides

Get your org structure back in control and up to date by delegating and sharing scenarios.

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Leaders use Functionly for

Mergers & acquisitions

Streamline headcount integration plans and get the right results.


Design for efficiency by merging teams and effectively distributing functions.

Annual planning

Collaborate in dynamic org design tools and easily share with stakeholders.

Power up with templates

Build out a new sales team or business model by using ready-to-go templates from peers & org design experts.

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Functionly integrates with tools you already use

Privacy built in.
Enterprise grade security.

Navigate change and dial up org resilience with a completely secure and encrypted platform for your entire org.


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Functionly is something I wish I had decades ago. This would have saved my team hours of work setting up and maintaining clear role responsibilities.


Kattie Capozza

Walt Disney Company (ex)

The traditional org chart is something I've struggled with. After seeing how the many functional roles could be sliced and diced, Functionly helped me radically optimize the people and workflows in my company.


Arnie Boyarsky

SugarShot Technology

It’s like Trello but purpose-built for functional work design.
The UX and the team behind it are awesome.


Tyron Hayes

Growth Generators

Functionly is one of the best, if not the best tool I have found to help my clients organize (and reorganize) their talent to deliver excellence.


Ron Schwartz

Brass Tacks

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