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Action change with confidence

Leaders use Functionly to

build the confidence to action high-impact people changes. Unlock organizational alignment, speed, and agility that spreadsheets, presentations, and static diagrams simply cannot.

Org restructuring

Organizations need to align business functions, allocate accountabilities, distribute resources, clarify reporting, and standardize roles to keep winning over time.


Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions deliver immense value to organizations and stakeholders, but integrations must be planned with pinpoint accuracy and intentionality to suceed.

Workforce reductions

Efficiency, and getting the right people in the right positions, is the key when needing to reduce resources with strength and clarity.

Strategic pivots

Uncovering opportunity is only half the job. You must execute and deploy resources to undertake core business pivots, expand effectively and launch new initiatives.

Planning growth

Whether pre-growth or undergoing expansion, real-time visibility of team structure and functional gaps is essential to staying sharp and keeping focus around what matters.

Compliance without gaps

Keeping all your data in one place is challenging without a platform to facilitate up-to-date knowledge on functions performed, role clarity and team structures.

Transformational Change

Facilitating workforce optimization takes a lot of work and the right tools. Functionly provides an environment to do the work and see different org strategies on the fly, with collaborative feedback in real-time.

Org Design Consulting

For consultants looking to bring strategy to life, Functionly is the perfect tool to facilitate their existing process and drive powerful visuals that get the message across.

Annual Planning

Whether pre-growth or undergoing expansion, real-time visibility of resource cost, reporting structure, and functional gaps is essential to staying sharp and keeping focus on what matters.

Functionly integrates with tools you already use


Bring your org vision to life

As the rate of change grows and global uncertainty increases, modern organizations need to continuously plan and respond to avoid drifting into misalignment.

With Functionly you can see the future, plan play-by-play change, and accelerate from a current org structure to the agreed future state organization.

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Great managers are essentially
organizational engineers.

Understand that great managers are essentially an organizational engineer.

Great managers are not philosophers, entertainers, doers, or artists. They are engineers. They see their organizations as machines and work assiduously to maintain and improve them. They create process- flow diagrams to show how the machine works and to evaluate its design.

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Ray Dalio

Founder of Bridgewater Associates, author of #1 New York Times bestseller 'Principles'.

The signals are looking good

Functionly is something I wish I had decades ago. This would have saved my team hours of work setting up and maintaining clear role responsibilities.


Kattie Capozza

Walt Disney Company (ex)

The traditional org chart is something I've struggled with. After seeing how the many functional roles could be sliced and diced, Functionly helped me radically optimize the people and workflows in my company.


Arnie Boyarsky

Arnie Boyarsky

It’s like Trello but purpose-built for functional work design.
The UX and the team behind it are awesome.


Tyron Hayes

Growth Generators

Functionly is one of the best, if not the best tool I have found to help my clients organize (and reorganize) their talent to deliver excellence.


Ron Schwartz

Brass Tacks

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