Optimize your organization and navigate resource change.

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Drag and drop
org mapping

One intelligent place to create your own functional organization chart in minutes.

Functionly integrates with tools you already use

Align teams and lead with confidence.

Team accountabilities

Allocate the right accountabilities to the right leaders and teams.

Scenario builder

Design future states in a collaborative and safe environment and drive powerful internal presentations.

Function mapping

Map everything that gets done and see functional gaps and overlaps at a glance.

One source of truth

Create a record of your current state org chart for export and sharing.

Align responsibilities

Strategically assign responsibilities and roles for complete internal alignment.

Job description export

Create responsibility-based job descriptions in 30-seconds.

Functionly in action

See for yourself the power and agility that Functionly provides teams to map the future with clarity.


function libraries

No need to put everything in the system. Snap everything into place with pre-built roles and job descriptions based on real-world functions from other companies. Functionly fills in the gaps so you can assign with the click of a button.

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Privacy and security
built in ready.

Navigate change and dial up org resilience with a completely secure and encrypted platform for your entire org.


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