Optimize your organization and navigate resource change.

Build beautiful, intelligent org structures

Replace drawings, diagrams, and spreadsheets with interactive org charts and organograms.
Capture the current state, click together the pieces, and communicate what really matters.

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Auto create and update

Import people and positions directly from CSV, Slack, or your HRIS to auto-build an org chart.

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Build in minutes

Drag and drop people and role templates intuitively and build your team in minutes (not hours).

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Groups and teams

Label departments, teams, and project committees using the power of grouping.

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Chart export

Customize exports to suit your reporting needs, and download PDF, JPG, PNG, or CSV.

Custom org layouts

Choose between our wide and condensed views, or create your own custom layouts.

Filter and save views

Customize the information displayed on your org chart with easy toggles to hide and unhide properties and layers.

Enhance with color

Use color to tell a story by choosing from our custom palettes or integrating your own branding. 

Share live charts

Share unlimited and secure presentation links for any of your org chart views in Functionly.

Embed your org

Embed org charts directly into your favorite tools like Notion, Teams, Confluence and Google sites.

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Deliver reporting clarity and functional alignment

Help your team do their best work. Align functions, clarify reporting lines,
assign accountabilities, and define roles - all from one place.

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Invite & collaborate

Get your team on the same page & collaborate in real time.

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Role library

Template your standard roles and responsibilities to auto fill job description gaps and optimize your hiring plan.

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Manager view

Share a bespoke and filtered view of any one manager or group within your org.

Functional chart

See the entire list of business functions that your organization needs now and in the future.

Dotted line reporting

Visually display secondary reporting lines for people who report to multiple managers or work across more than one team.

Scenario planning

Use our collaborative and secure environment to design and deliver the right future org strategy.

Real-time org design

Analyze and report on the fly to understand headcount, drill down into department costs, and provide visibility on vacancies or FTE gaps.

Export position descriptions

Create and share job descriptions in seconds and align all hiring team stakeholders.

Accountability alignment

Assign accountabilities to positions and keep a record of who owns what across your org.

Manager delegation

Collaborate on future scenarios by allowing managers to design and update their own groups, departments, teams.

Access control

Choose access levels for collaborators and customize what is seen when org charts are shared externally.

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Plan future state, forecast costs, and action change plans

Accelerate strategic decisions into clear organizational plans, see the future, and action play-by-play change.
Replacing costly institutional consultants and months of meetings.

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Headcount planning

Visualize what your organization headcount costs & FTE will look like over time.

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Vacancy management

Align vacancy planning with total resource targets, or filter by line of business.

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HRIS integrations

Easily import your workforce from our list of HRIS partners and keep your org chart up to date.

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Compare Scenarios

Compare one or more strategic scenarios to present and evaluate the right moves to make. Coming soon.

Compensation forecasting

Record accurate personnel costs and understand the implications of org change.

Assign multiple roles

Represent dynamic and split workloads by assigning multiple roles to positions. 

Budget export

Share CSV budget forecasts and headcount plans inside your org with ease. Coming soon.

Custom properties

Add custom fields to your org chart to display information unique to your business.

Detailed change management

Build play-by-play change management plans to turn your strategic org plan into reality. Coming soon.

Multiple workspaces

Add, highlight, and switch between multiple organizations within your account.

Best practice templates

Work with org structure templates (organized by industry) to get a head start on your org planning.

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Brands who use Functionly

Integrate and update your data

Bring all your information together and plan more effectively with your current organization data up to date.



Allow Functionly to auto-generate an org chart directly from your imported data.


Easy-update Functionly from your current data from one or more data source integrations.

Incremental updates

Save hours of data reconciliation by updating new information directly onto your current scenario.

CSV import

Build your org faster by importing new people, positions and org structure changes into Functionly via CSV.

Slack import

Connect with Slack to seamlessly import or update people and avatars.

Import custom data

Import custom properties into your org chart to make better org design decisions.

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Privacy built in with SOC 2
enterprise grade security.

Plan and action high-impact people changes confidently with the privacy, security and encryption you expect.

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