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Which Org Chart Software Should I Use?

By: Tim Brewer

So, you want to build an org chart, but aren’t sure where to start?

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How to Scale a Virtual Organization

By: Tim Brewer

Over the past thirty years, the growth of the Internet and online systems has led to new ways of organizing and structuring businesses.

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What We Can Learn from Real Org Charts

By: Tim Brewer

Even dedicated organizational structure geeks - and we at Functionly proudly admit to that description - understand that for many entrepreneurs laying out an organigram or (org chart) may not be...

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What You Need to Know About Building a Startup Org Structure

By: Functionly

Startups can be exciting successes, frustrating failures, or both at the same time. The chances of success are not great. Only 30% make it past two years, and 10% make it to five. 

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