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Lessons from Big Tech Organizational Structures

By: Tim Brewer

One might assume that the organizational structures of large, established tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple are complex, intricate and perhaps unique to each company.

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What You Need to Know About Building a Startup Org Structure

By: Tim Brewer

Startups can be exciting successes, frustrating failures, or both at the same time. The chances of success are not great. Only 30% make it past two years, and 10% make it to five. 

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The Secret to Google’s Success: Structure

By: Tim Brewer

Google's success has been remarkable. In 2016 Google, or rather its newly-created parent company, 'Alphabet', overtook close rival Apple to be ranked the most valuable company in the world.

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How Pizza Became the Secret Organizational Chart Ingredient Behind Amazon’s Growth

By: Tim Brewer

While Amazon may not be everyone’s favorite company, its ability to scale fast has been fed by a purposeful organizational and work design. Moreover, it all stemmed from an unlikely source…When...

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