The Work Design Podcast

The world’s greatest leaders on how they built the best places to work.



The Podcast

Listen to the world’s greatest leaders share their stories and secrets on how they designed and built the best places to work. We’ll shine a light on the challenges and breakthroughs of designing org charts, optimizing teams and building jobs people love.

This is for modern leaders who are building the best teams at scale. 


Tim, Damian & Frank

Join Tim Brewer & Damian Bramanis, co-founders of Functionly, on their quest to make work, work better. Not afraid to push deeper, Tim & Damian ask questions that others either don’t, or won’t. Finding the core of what makes a great (or terrible) work culture is the goal of the Work Design Podcast.

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"I've been waiting for a podcast like this for a very very long time. Hats off to the Functionly guys" Paul MacNeill, CEO @ Wise Sync

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