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Web Org Charts: Benefits, Features, and More

Expert author: Functionly Staff

Organizational charts (org charts) represent the most pragmatic solution for visually relaying information about your company’s internal hierarchy.

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, you may need to create a broad org chart and several specialized charts for each of the various departments or teams that you manage. 

When selecting a solution to create your org chart, you will have many options available to you. Many companies turn to static solutions like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. However, web-based org chart management software offers a more dynamic option for creating versatile and useful diagrams. 

IMG_9628Word, PowerPoint and Excel are a common starting point for org charts.

What Are Online Org Charts?

Online org charts are diagrams that are created using cloud-based software. These online org chart platforms represent the natural evolution in diagram creation and management. 

Modern, dynamic platforms make it easier than ever before to create diagrams, identify responsibility overlaps or gaps, and share this critical data with your personnel.

Online org charts can be used to communicate the roles and responsibilities of various departments. You can also leverage them during new hire onboarding in order to ensure that everyone understands their role within the company. 

Robust online org chart platforms will help you increase organizational efficiency, identify potential weak points, and facilitate improved collaboration. 

Online Org Charts vs. Static Options

The three primary “static” options for creating org charts include:

Of these three options, Microsoft Word is the easiest to use for creating org charts. However, the charts that this software can generate are also the least dynamic. 

Excel’s org chart creation capabilities are somewhat more sophisticated than Word’s — but only slightly. Microsoft PowerPoint is undoubtedly the best Microsoft product for creating org charts, but the software still shares some of the same shortcomings as the other platforms. 

One of the biggest concerns with using these readily available solutions to create org charts is that the diagrams are little more than pictures. They have minimal usefulness and are difficult to edit, share, or distribute. 

powerpoint-chartAn org chart created in PowerPoint is little more than a picture.

Conversely, online org charts are incredibly user-friendly to create and maintain. After your online org chart is finished, you can easily go back and update the diagram. You can give multiple users edit access so that they can contribute to the creation of the org chart. Online org charts are simple to share and distribute as well.

Most importantly, online org charts can provide actionable insights about your company’s hierarchy. You can pinpoint responsibility gaps or overlaps that may be hindering collaboration. 

It’s also simple to use online org charts to improve resource allocation, streamline internal processes, and improve transparency across the entire organization. 

An "Online" org chart made with Functionly.

Benefits of Online Org Charts

Online org charts offer several benefits over static options, such as those mentioned above. A few such benefits include the following:

1. Easy to Share

What good is an org chart if you cannot easily share it? Online org chart platforms address this issue by making it easy to share your diagram with individuals within and outside your company. 

2. Simple to Update

As your business evolves, it may be necessary to modify your organizational structure and your diagrams. Online org chart platforms allow you to seamlessly modify or restructure your charts so that they represent your current business hierarchy. 

3. Facilitate Collaboration

Creating comprehensive org charts is much easier when multiple business leaders contribute to the project. It is difficult for your senior executives to assist with the process when using static solutions like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. 

However, online org chart platforms give you the freedom to add multiple users to the file so that each department head can work on the diagram. 

4. Provide Valuable Information

Online org charts include a wide range of useful features and functions. A few examples include function mapping, accountability mapping, and job description exporting.

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