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Which Org Chart Software Should I Use?

Expert author: Tim Brewer

So, you want to build an org chart, but aren’t sure where to start?

It’s the 2020s, and we are sure you will not settle for some outdated, static organizational charting tool such as PowerPoint, Visio or (even worse) Word.

Yes, you can physically draw up a chart using them, but you can also do that with paper and pen. And if a static org chart will do for you, then do proceed.

However, if you want to be able to access the chart at any time, from anywhere, update and share it with anyone, then this won't do.

If you’d like to be able to drag and drop staff members, create departments, move people around, and see the impact (are people overloaded or underutilized?), then a static org chart will not suffice.

Why You Need Org Chart Software

If you're still a little perplexed as to why you even need org chart software, then please consider that they provide:

Visual overview - data visualization tools show you in one diagram your workplace hierarchy structure, and allow you to better understand any gaps and overlaps. Where things are going wrong, and more importantly, how to fix matters.

Map out complexity - online charting tools allow you to work through various scenarios in the virtual space before trying them out for real; this means better understanding, better decisions with superior outcomes.

Streamline processes - as everyone is aware of who reports to whom, time is saved in explaining and showing the accountability and reporting lines for each team. Especially useful for new hires.

Easy to share - when presented visually, an online, accessible org chart makes it easy to share knowledge.

Identify bottlenecks - the visual representation of organizational workflow makes it easier to see where blockages exist.

Prioritization - employees will know exactly what tasks should be prioritized first depending on the overall mission and current workflow.

Automation - The best org chart software should allow companies to automate some of the complex processes of hiring, firing and planning.

Plan for future growth - so many organizations ‘break’ when they grow, especially beyond 25 or 30 staff. Charting tools make it easier for managers to plan, organize and synchronize staff with tasks, ensuring team members are not overloaded or underutilized.

Employee Directory - managers can keep track of all employees and their contact information, making it easy to reach out to each team member.

Profile management - to effectively monitor the performance of an organization managers can check key competencies and gaps, resolving issues by focusing on new hires or training existing ones as appropriate.

Track key metrics - real-time data can help management track measurements such as turnover rates, project management times, hiring rates, and more.

Seeing is believing: Go ahead and play with this interactive org chart template

Org Chart Software on the Market

‘Orgtech’ - the organizational market equivalent to fintech, agtech and proptech - is an expanding field, and there are various options already on the market.

Software such as OrgCharting from Wondershare, Visme, Organimi and Lucidchart allow you to create online organizational charts, create departments, select staff and visually display their interrelationships.

Charts can then be printed out, or downloaded as a high-resolution image or pdf. They are quick and easy to use, if all you need is an easy way to create one, much like you could do in Canva or some other illustration tool.

A few of the programs on the market - such as Pingboard and EDraw Max - allow you to integrate with all the main MR and accounting software packages, making it easy to get started.

Most have a free version, with limited options and functionality, and then various paid plans after that with more features, for more users.

One free-to-use version is DesignCap, which allows you to set up an org chart in just three steps. Some more advanced charting software include ChartHop, Creately and The Org.

Functionly-icon: Powerful, easy to use, visually fantastic

It’s good to see more and more software orgtech products being developed and marketed. It shows there's an increasing level of interest and focus in the important area of organizational structure and work design.

Our Functionly tool is easy to use, free to trial (and also comes with a 'free forever' version), yet is powerful, interactive and intelligent. 

It’s not just about building the org chart. It’s about seeing the impact and implications of any changes. It’s about spotting those who are overloaded, or bored and underused. All this, and much more, can be shown, color-coded on a Functionly chart. We integrate with dozens of other systems and software. It's just so easy to get started.

We wish you all the best with charting your organizational success. Do let us know how you get on.

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