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Technical Program Management Template: Decentralized Model

Expert author: Aadil Maan

This is part of a set of four Technical Program Management topologies provided by guest community contributor, Aadil Maan.

About the TPM Decentralized model

Aadil describes this model in his blogpost, "TPM Team Topology - Pt. 1." Below is an excerpt:

"Overview: TPMs are hired by and report to the functional Engineering Leaders. There is no centralized TPMO. These IC TPMs can eventually grow entire teams of TPMs under them as the functional engineering area grows both in scope and resources.

Operational Mandate: The TPMs are responsible for supporting the engineering teams they report under. There are no shared org processes and frameworks (think agile project management) as every team can decide their own processes (unless the TPMs self organize into a unofficial pseudo TPMO), and support the execution of the roadmap at a tactical level for the engineering team they support.

Companies Where I Have Seen This: Blackberry (Post QNX Acquisition), Google (various teams).


About this template

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Who might use this template?

Engineering Leaders, Technical Program Managers, Product Managers, Business Leaders. This is also applicable to anyone interested in the role of TPM.

What's included in this template?

Org structure Yes
Roles Yes
Accountabilities No
Responsibilities Yes
Job Descriptions Yes (exportable)
Compensation / Salary data No



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