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Sales Org Template: Geographic Territory Focus

Expert author: Functionly Staff

Sales team org chart template with geographic territory focus

An organizational chart structured by geographic territory divides a sales team into sub-teams, each of which is responsible for a specific geographic region. This type of structure allows for a more localized approach to sales, as each sub-team can tailor their sales strategy and efforts to the specific needs and preferences of their designated geographic area. The chart is usually headed by a global sales director or manager, with team leads for each geographic region reporting to them. Underneath the team leads, there are sales representatives or account managers who are responsible for managing relationships and closing deals with customers within the region.

This type of structure can be effective for organizations that operate in multiple distinct regions, particularly if there are cultural, linguistic or market-specific differences. It allows the company to adapt to the different needs of each geographic area and also to target the sales efforts where they will be most effective. It also allows for better management of the salesforce by having a clear definition of the territories and responsibilities of each representative.

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CEOs, founders and sales leaders in growing B2B organizations might use this template as a great starting point to map out a growing sales organization or plan for how it might look in the future.

Note: This is intended to be an example only based on our research and experience, but does not constitute a proven best practice.

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Org structure Yes
Roles Yes
Accountabilities No
Responsibilities Yes
Job Descriptions Yes (exportable)
Compensation / Salary data No



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