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Sales Org Template: Midsized B2B SaaS

Expert author: Functionly Staff

Sales team org chart template for growing B2B SaaS company

An organizational chart for a B2B SaaS company that separates sales into three divisions - Sales, Customer Success, and Operations - is a structure that prioritizes customer satisfaction and retention.

The Sales division is responsible for lead generation and closing deals. This division is typically led by a Vice President of Sales, and is composed of sales representatives and sales managers. They are focused on identifying potential customers, understanding their needs, and presenting the company's solution as the best fit.

The Customer Success division is responsible for ensuring that customers are getting the most value out of the company's SaaS product. This division is typically led by a Vice President of Customer Success and is composed of customer success managers. They are focused on onboarding, training and ongoing support of customers post-sale.

Operations division is responsible for keeping the sales and customer success teams running smoothly and efficiently. They are focused on providing the necessary data, processes and tools to support the sales and customer success teams.

This type of structure is well-suited for B2B SaaS companies, as it emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong relationships with customers, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention, and focusing on the long-term success of customer interactions. It allows sales, customer success and operations to work together in a cross-functional approach to make the sales process more efficient and customer engagement more effective, resulting in greater revenue and customer retention.

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Who might use this template?

CEOs, founders and sales leaders in growing B2B SaaS organizations might use this template as a great starting point to map out a growing sales organization or plan for how it might look in the future.

Note: This is intended to be an example only based on our research and experience, but does not constitute a proven best practice.

What's included in this template?

Org structure Yes
Roles Yes
Accountabilities Yes
Responsibilities Yes
Job Descriptions Yes (exportable)
Compensation / Salary data No



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