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Inbound B2B Marketing Org Template - Early Stage Startup

Expert author: Functionly Staff

B2B marketing team org chart template

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About this template

This is an example of how a marketing team might be structured in a B2B SaaS company that is focused on inbound marketing through both organic and paid reach. It includes responsibilities, typical accountable metrics and indicative salary data* for each role. It also demonstrates how roles in the marketing team might form a virtual-team (cross team collaboration) with roles in engineering to focus on conversion optimization through growth experiments.

The assumption is this is an early-stage startup, perhaps heading into or post a series A round. A typical scenario might be that the person in the Head of Marketing role has been with the company as its first marketer for some time. During that time, they've established some good use of marketing tools, crafted messaging, and executed basic campaigns. But now it's time to hire and scale inbound the marketing function.

Who might use this template?

CEOs, founders and marketing leaders in growing B2B SaaS organizations might use this template as a great starting point to map out a growing marketing organization or plan for how it might look in the future.

Note: This is intended to be an example only based on our research and experience, but does not constitute a proven best practice.

What's included in this template?

Org structure Yes
Roles Yes
Accountabilities Yes (typical accountable metrics for each role)
Responsibilities Yes
Job Descriptions Yes (exportable)
Compensation / Salary data No



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