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HR Team Template: Business Partner Operating Model

Expert author: Functionly Staff

HR team org chart template with basic business partner model

An HR team organizational chart structured with an HR business partner operational model is one in which HR business partners (HRBPs) act as strategic partners to specific business units or departments within an organization. This model aligns the HR function with the overall goals and objectives of the company, and allows for a more focused and specialized approach to HR activities.

At the top of the chart, there is a Director or Vice President of Human Resources (HR) who is responsible for the overall strategy and management of the HR department. Underneath the Director, there are HRBPs, who act as the primary point of contact for specific business units or departments. They are responsible for understanding the unique needs and challenges of their assigned areas and for providing HR support, guidance and advice.

The HRBPs work closely with line managers and other business leaders to understand the workforce needs, design and implement policies and programs that support the business objectives and improve employee engagement. They also support the company's culture and drive the company's values. Additionally, they assist with employee relations issues, talent management, and development programs.

The HRBP relationships with line managers is represented in our template with the secondary (dotted-line) reporting function.

The HR business partner model is a popular one among organizations of all sizes and types as it allows for a more strategic and efficient approach to HR activities, which are more aligned to the company goals, resulting in better retention, employee engagement and talent management.

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CEOs, founders and HR generalists in growing organizations might use this template as a great starting point to map out a growing HR organization or plan for how it might look in the future.

Note: This is intended to be an example only based on our research and experience, but does not constitute a proven best practice.

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