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Hotel Industry: Sales and Marketing Org Template

Expert author: Functionly Staff

Part of or interested in the hotel industry? Our Global Hotel Sales and Marketing organization org chart can serve as a valuable example template. It includes all the key positions and responsibilities typically needed to drive success in this highly competitive industry. The chart shows an example of a typical sales and marketing structure of a global hotel chain, broken into regional teams and then individual properties. It also demonstrates typical dotted reporting lines between regional or property sales managers and global corporate roles typical of international organizations. Of course, this is a general example only, but can be customized to fit the specific needs and goals of your hotel chain. This org chart template can be useful for hotel owners, operators, and managers who are seeking to enhance their sales and marketing efforts, as well as for consultants and advisors who work with hotels to improve their overall performance.

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What's included in this template?

Org structure Yes
Roles Yes
Accountabilities Yes (for some roles)
Responsibilities Yes
Job Descriptions Yes (exportable)
Compensation / Salary data No



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