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Accountability Chart Template: General business functions

Expert author: Functionly Staff

As a team leader or executive, you know how crucial it is to have a clear and efficient organizational structure that fosters accountability and empowers your team to achieve their goals. Our comprehensive accountability chart template is designed to give you the foundations to build a solid accountability chart that defines not only accountabilities, but can also extend to roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships within your organization.

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Whether you are a seasoned executive or a growing leader, this template will serve as a valuable time saver, coming pre-built with over 100 individual accountabilities across 14 general business functions.

About this template

Above is a fully interactive template. You can navigate around, drill in and even make changes. If you plan to save changes you make, you'll need to create an account with Functionly. If you already have an account, login to Functionly in a different tab, then come back and refresh this page and choose "duplicate scenario" in the template below.

This template highlights the list of over 100 pre-loaded accountabilities across 14 general business functions. Switch to the "Functional Chart" view to see and edit the accountabilities. On the org chart, we've provided an example of how accountabilities can be assigned to positions to easily map out who does what in your leadership team.

What's included in this template?

Org structure Yes
Roles No
Accountabilities Yes
Responsibilities No
Job Descriptions No
Compensation / Salary data No



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