Why haven't I received my password reset email?

If you request to reset your password and don't receive an email to facilitate this, there may be a few reasons.

Google Authentication

During the signup process for Functionly you'll have the option to create your account using Google or your email address. Google authentication is a fast and secure way to log into products but it isn't currently compatible with a password. If you created your Functionly account using this method you can continue to sign in with it, so long as the browser is signed into the same Google account at the time.

Create your account


Spam Filters

Certain email security filters can sometimes treat password reset links as potentially malicious and filter them as spam accordingly. Please check your spam folder to ensure the reset email hasn't been directed there.


Spam Filter

Personal Email Address

When testing Functionly to see if they want to use it for work, and as with many other products, people sometimes initially sign up with their personal email address. Check that this isn't the case by first trying to sign in with it and then trying to reset your password using it.


If you didn't use Google authentication and our other troubleshooting steps don't work, please contact support at support@functionly.com or complete a contact us form.