Who can see my scenario?

Your scenario may not be for all eyes, so it's important to have peace of mind about who can see it.

Scenario Tags

You'll notice when you view your list of scenarios that they may have an icon in the top left-hand corner. Hovering over the icons will give a quick description of what it means but here's a little more detail.

Private Scenario

A padlock icon in the top left of your scenario indicates that this scenario is private, and as such, only visible to you. This means there are no active public links, no one can see it whether they have been invited to your Functionly Workspace or not. You can share a scenario with someone by opening the scenario, clicking the "Share" button in the top right, and once it is shared with someone the padlock will disappear.


Promoted Scenario

Promoting a scenario means you're flagging with others that it's the current state or baseline of your organization and they should duplicate from this one if they're using it as the basis for org design.

People within your organization in Functionly will only be able to edit a promoted scenario if they have been invited into the scenario as an editor. Otherwise it will be read only and they may also duplicate it.

A promoted scenario will always sit at the top of your list.


Public Link

If a public link is available for a scenario then a small link icon will appear in the top left-hand corner of the scenario panel. This means that anyone with this link can view the scenario whether they are a user of Functionly or not.