What are Superfunctions, Functions and Activities?

This article will give you a quick understanding of how we think of Superfunctions, Functions and Activities at Functionly.

What do they do?

Superfunctions and Functions exist in Functionly to allow you to allocate work to the desired teams and people within your organization.

Functions are the units of accountability that can be assigned to a team or person and Superfunctions are the umbrella that covers groups of Functions.

For example if we say ‘Payroll’ or ‘Funds Management’ are Functions, then ‘Finance’ might be the Superfunction that covers these two.


What are Activities?

To get even more granular, Activities are the units that make up Functions.

Using our earlier example we can consider 'Process and distribute payments' to be a component Activity of the 'Payroll' Function. They're more detailed and give greater context to the mechanics of a role.

In some ways Activities are more important than Functions and Superfunctions. Okay this is may be a slight exaggeration but they're a very valuable part of Functionly 


Want to know how to use Superfunctions, Functions and Activities?