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Security Footer Message in Functionly Emails

In our messages to you, we include a security footer message with your name and email to help you distinguish authentic emails from "phishing" email messages.

In our product notifications to you, we include a security footer message to help you distinguish authentic Functionly emails from "phishing" email messages. "Phishing" emails often look very similar to legitimate ones, but they likely wouldn't have this personalized information and may also contain links that direct you to malicious sites instead of Functionly.

By default, your name and current position title will appear in the security footer message.

While the presence of this security footer message alone doesn't guarantee that an email is legitimate, it gives you additional assurance that the email originated from Functionly. Most "phishing" attacks targeting large mailing lists won't have this information. When in doubt, open a new browser window and go directly to functionly.com to check your Inbox and verify the connection request or message. Fraudsters may use a practice called phishing to try to obtain sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information. 

If you suspect that you've received a "phishing" email impersonating functionly, please forward the entire email to support@functionly.com.