October '23 - Partner Plan, convert nodes, action menu

Org design consultants can now get the highest level of feature access in any workspace, regardless of their client's access level.


New in October:

  1. Partner plan
  2. Convert nodes/objects
  3. Action menu



Partner plan

Get unrestricted feature access in all of your workspaces with our new Partner plan. Even when working in a Basic (free) workspace, you can utilize any feature from the entire Functionly suite.

For org design consultants, this means that you can utilize everything Functionly has to offer for your clients. For in-house org designers, even when a colleague shares a workspace with lower feature access, you will still have access to all premium features in their workspace.


If you're interested in learning more about the Partner plan, email support@functionly.com



Convert nodes/objects

You can now convert most objects on the org chart, such as positions, roles, or groups, to another object type. If you accidentally add a position when you want the person to have a dotted reporting line, you can now click on the position's ellipsis, hover over "convert," and select "role."



Action menu

Our new action menu provides certainty about the action you're taking before you take it. Whenever you drag and drop one position onto another, you'll be presented with a list of options allowing you to confirm the action you intended.



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