Import via integration

We now offer the option to import people via a number of human resource management systems and collaboration tools.

Import via integration

How to import

To import, simply select the 'People' tab on the left, click on 'Import People' inside any scenario, select 'Connect an external system' and select the integration you would like to use. If you are signed into your system it will import people along with their picture and job title (if available), allowing you to start adding them to teams.

The first time you import people, you will be asked to authenticate yourself by the selected integration. The next time you re-import you will be able to do so without the need to authenticate.

When you do re-import, if there are conflicts, then the latest version of the data will be imported. For example if you re-import from Slack after updating your avatar, then the latest version will appear in Functionly.

As you'll see on the modal when choosing an integration, your data is secured with enterprise-grade data protection and shall not be shared, as outlined in our terms of service and privacy policy.

You can add and update people via multiple import methods. People will be deduplicated based on email address. Duplicate data, if any, will be overridden by the most recent import method.

If you need to revoke access to a service, contact and one of our team will unlink the service for you.


Import People - Functionly


Generating an org chart from scratch

Our import routine generates an org chart based on managers, so if the integration can detect each person's manager (excluding the top person on your chart) then it should allow you to import your organisation into an org chart.

Upload via Slack - available on all plans

Upload via Slack


To revoke your slack integration with Functionly, head to Slack in your browser and find Manage>Apps. There you should be able to find Functionly in your list. 

Once you've clicked 'Functionly' you will see options to either revoke your individual connection, or remove Functionly entirely from your organization - depending on your Slack administration permissions. 

Slack app directory


Import a whole org structure

If the reporting lines of your organization can be detected then the import engine may be able to import a full structure. Just tick the box to import organizational structure.

Import a whole org structure

If reporting lines can't be detected then your HRIS should be able to export a to CSV and with some slight tweaks you can import this as a full structure. Here's more information on what's needed to import a full org structure from a spreadsheet.

To see a full list of integrations, check out our website or view the integrations list in the product. Let us know which ones you'd like to see.


Single sign-on

We don't currently support single sign-on, however our BambooHR, HiBob and Namely integrations have a workaround that allows single sign-on users to integrate using an API token. Steps for this can be found by selecting the integration in the product when you click on 'using API token' below the sign in button.

Single sign-on

Common Troubleshooting

  • Attempting to integrate using single sign-on (only supported as workaround for BambooHR)
  • BambooHR: Subdomain not inputted correctly. In most instances you will need to include at the end of your subdomain e.g. '' but in some instances it may not be required.


  • Import seems to process for a long time: Imports should be close to instantaneous depending on your network speed. If it seems to be  taking a long time then refreshing your browser may update it.


If the troubleshooting steps we have suggested don't work, please contact us via or using our "contact us" form.


Other import methods

We offer the option to import using a spreadsheet, to learn more view our help article.