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How to navigate your org chart using zoom controls

The larger your organizational chart gets the more important it is to easily zoom in on the parts that are relevant.



Standard zoom controls

Click the buttons in the bottom right to change the zoom levels.



Fast access view menu

By double-clicking on any blank part of the canvas around your org chart you can bring up a menu for all zoom controls.



Zoom in

You can now zoom in to 200% to give a closer look at the parts of your chart that are relevant. To zoom in either click the "+ Zoom in" icon or scroll up with your mouse wheel to zoom in on a particular location.

Zoom in



Zoom out

To zoom out you can either click the "- Zoom out" icon on the view menu or scroll down on your mouse wheel. 

Zoom out



Fit to view

To recenter and resize your view to fit your org chart you can either click the lens icon in the bottom right or double click on any blank part of your canvas and select fit to view.