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How to export and print your org chart

Whether you're exporting your whole chart to help bring organizational clarity or just exporting select teams for headcount planning, Functionly has the flexibility for all of your needs.

How to export your org chart


What are you trying to export?

  1. I want to export my whole org chart as an image
  2. I want to export select parts of the org chart as an image
  3. I want to export a CSV of my org chart


1. Export a whole org chart

To export a full version of your org chart ensure that you have first unhidden all positions. This can be done manually by clicking where you see a number next to "Positions" or using the level filter to show.


  1. Select filter in the top right 

    Export a whole org chart

  2. Click the plus icon next to "Show" until all positions are visible
  3. Click the "Export" icon in the top right or use the dropdown next to the scenario name

    Scenario Name

  4. Choose PNG, PDF, or "Export as" for other options


We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF exports as it will allow you to zoom in closer than your browser's inbuilt PDF viewer.



2. Export select parts of the org chart

If there is something specific you're trying to achieve with your export, to really hone in on certain data or areas, there are lots of options to achieve this depending on your need.


In this section:


Manager view export

  1. Click the internode menu above a manager's position
  2. Select "Hide positions above"
  3. Click the internode menu below their reports
  4. Select "Hide all below"
  5. Export to your preferred format (ensure "current view" is set for "include" field)


Manager view export


To allow you to quickly reopen a view again in future click the three stacked squares next to the "View" dropdown and select "Save view". The view as you have saved it will then appear in the view dropdown for quicker selection.


Anonymize an export

  1. Click the filter icon (three stacked squares) next to the view dropdown
  2. Click the toggle next to "Person name" to the off position
  3. Click the toggle next to "Person photo" to the off position
  4. Export to your preferred format


Anonymize an export



3. Export your org chart as a CSV

If you want to share the data underlying your org chart outside the product or reimport your org chart to a new scenario then exporting to CSV is the way to go.

In this section:


Export CSV alphabetically

  1. Click the export icon in the top right
  2. Select "CSV table"




  1. Click the dropdown next to the scenario title
  2. Click "Export"
  3. Select "CSV table"

Export CSV alphabetically


Customize your CSV Export


Customize your CSV Export


  1. Click the "View" dropdown in the top left
  2. Select "People and positions"
  3. Use the controls in the top right to edit; properties, group, filter, and order
  4. Click the "Export" icon in the top right
  5. Select "CSV table"


Need guidance on your export?

Contact support via our contact us page or email support@functionly.com