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Communicating and sharing your org chart

Once your org chart is complete you can communicate by using these sharing and collaboration tips with your team.


How to collaborate your organization chart with others

To collaborate in real-time, you can 'Share' your scenario with members of your team. This will allow you to work on a scenario at the same time as your teammates. As their changes are saved, they will update in real-time on your browser.

They can also copy scenarios you have shared with them and design their own versions. This adds additional org designers to your subscription, if you're uncertain what this means for your billing, contact our support team and they'll be happy to clarify before you proceed.


Collaborate - Functionly

How to share a link

You can get feedback from members of your team without them needing to create an account using links. The view they will receive is the same as yours without any of the controls. Here's our guide on how to use the link.

Share a public link - Functionly



Please be careful who you share this link with, we cannot control any unwanted access as anyone with this link will be able to see your organizational information. 

We do recommend changing your active links (deactivating and creating new links) regularly to protect your privacy. 

How to customize and export your views:

Export your org chart

If you would like a PDF export, so that you can print your org chart, you can export your org chart using the dropdown in the top left of the browser or the download symbol in the top right.

Export a job role description

Any role can be exported to Word as a job description allowing you to build a vacancy or export an existing role and import it into your applicant tracking system.


Job Description - Functionly

How to color your org chart views:

Whether the aim is to show part-time vs. full-time, contract vs. permanent or different geographic locations, many users find coloring their org chart an easy way to communicate different aspects of the chart.

You can color any team, person or branches of people using the three dots on them and there are multiple palettes to choose from.

Color - Functionly