Work Design

Map and plan your winning moves from org structure down to individual roles

An intro to the complexity of organizations

When you’re smaller

When you’re smaller, everything is within reach. You know every person on the team and exactly what they’re doing. alignment, resourcing and focus are easy, but it doesn’t last. With success comes growth, and with growth comes complexity. The tools that get you to a certain size won’t take you to the next level.

The inflection point

Complexity scales with you. At a certain size, leaders lose visibility of what happens on the ground and businesses reach an inflection point where the symptoms of scale become full-blown fires. Culture, communication, service delivery, profitability, staff satisfaction and organizational alignment all suffer. 

Working harder doesn’t work

Organizations are losing millions of dollars every year from poor work design. When you don’t align functions, positions and people, pain occurs. Although everyone is working harder than ever, there’s no clear alignment on exactly what the right things to work on are. Every new hire becomes less effective at alleviating the pressure.

How do you adapt mid-flight?

Many leaders feel like they’re spinning hundreds of plates in the air. They know what needs to be done to navigate change, and execute their winning moves. But mapping the detail and getting teams onto the same page is difficult and time-consuming. 

Why we built Functionly

Modern leaders are looking for a better way to master the art of work design and resource alignment. We are listening, exploring, researching, and partnering to build a delightful way to map and document a better way to work. In time we believe enabling good work design will make its mark on history. Better work, Better World… 

"Work design concerns the "content and organization of one’s work tasks, activities, relationships, and responsibilities." Professor Sharon Parker

Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, Professor of Organisational Behavior at Curtin University, Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design, and an Honorary Professor at the University of Sheffield

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