How to duplicate an existing scenario

Functionly allows you to take an existing scenario, duplicate it and make alternative org design scenarios

You can easily make duplicates of existing scenarios. The purpose of this is generally take a current state scenario (your organization as it  looks today), make a copy of it, and being to experiment with design changes and plans.  You can make any number of duplicates from a scenario.

To create a duplicate:

  • From within a scenario, click on the down arrow next to the scenario description to bring up the scenario menu.
  • Choose "New/duplicate scenario"

New/Duplicate Scenario

  • You're then presented with the following options:

Create New Scenario

  • To quickly duplicate the scenario you're in, simply leave all  the options as default and click on "Create scenario." The duplicate scenario will be created and you'll be taken in to it.
  • You can also alter the duplicate scenario with the following settings:
    • Scenario name: Type the name you'd like to give to the duplicate scenario
    • Select a library template: By default, the scenario you're duplicating is selected.  This will duplicate the function library from this scenario.  If you wish to apply a different function library from another scenario or one of the built in library templates, select it here.
    • Import people from: By default, the scenario you're duplicating is selected  This will duplicate the people from this scenario. If you wish to duplicate  a different set of people from another scenario, select it here.
    • Import organizational structure: Unchecking this option will create a duplicate scenario with a blank org structure on the canvas. That is, none of the teams or hierarchy or people, roles or functions will be allocated. This is a great option when you want to start a new org design from scratch using just the people and function library from an existing scenario.
    • Import roles, positions, accountabilities and responsibilities:  Unchecking this option will create a duplicate scenario with the existing teams org structure on the canvas, but without any people, roles or accountabilities assigned to the teams. This is a great option where you wish to keep the team structure the same as an existing scenario, but create new roles and responsibilities within teams.