How does Resourcing work in Functionly?

You've switched the lens to 'Resourcing' but what does it all mean?

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 10.29.49 am


When you select the 'Resourcing' lens at the top of your screen you'll notice it changes the information that appears on each team's panel. You should see a number that will be green when at 100% and red when it's below 100%. You should also see each Function the team is accountable for with a green or red dot next to it.



Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 10.40.46 am

What do the dots mean?

The red dots mean that although the team is accountable for that Function, no one in the team is responsible for the Function.  You can allocate a responsibility by selecting 'Edit team'. In the above example we can see that 'Account Growth' and 'Product Development Strategy' have red dots next to them. This means that the teams are accountable for them but no member of the team has been made responsible for them.


What do the percentages mean?

The percentage represents the number of Functions assigned to a given team, that have been assigned to a member of the team as a Responsibility. Using the above example again, we can see that because half the accountabilities in the Customer Success team are allocated and three quarters of those in the Engineering team are, they have resourcing of 50% and 75% respectively.



How does headcount work?

In the above example we can see that although there are two people in each team, the headcount of Customer Success is 1.0 and the headcount of Engineering is 1.5. Headcount only factors in people who have responsibilities allocated to them.

In the Customer Success team, headcount is at 1.0 because only one person in the team has a responsibility allocated. If the other person were allocated a responsibility then this would jump to 2.

Headcount also factors in the proportion of someone's time spent on a team. In the above example, one member of the team has responsibilities in the Engineering team and one other team. So, their time is deemed to be halved between teams.