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When you’re smaller

When you’re smaller, everything is within reach. You know every person on the team and exactly what they’re doing. alignment, resourcing and focus are easy, but it doesn’t last. With success comes growth, and with growth comes complexity. Many leaders feel like they’re spinning hundreds of plates in the air as culture, communication, service delivery, profitability, staff satisfaction and organizational alignment all suffer.

The freedom to change

In these situations, working harder doesn’t work. The truth is that it’s not the effort but rather the way in which work is done that needs to change. This is the essence of truly great work design and it’s a meaningful part of mapping and planning a great organizational strategy. In fact, organizations are losing millions of dollars every year from poor work design.


Adapt in real-time

When you don’t align functions, positions and people, pain occurs because there’s no clear alignment on exactly what the right things to work on are. And new hires don’t fix the issue - rather, they add to it. Leaders may have an idea on what needs to be done but no tool to consolidate and index their thoughts into strategy. Mapping the detail and getting teams onto the same page is difficult and time-consuming but it’s essential for work design mastery.

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A Work Design platform

More than ever, modern leaders are looking for better ways to master work design and resource alignment and that’s why we built Functionly. Beyond just mapping the structure that runs your organization, detailing the functions required to win and assigning resources to them is the way that leaders win in any environment.


Use Functionly for

In today's uncertain global environment, Functionly helps organizations succeed in the following ways.




Mergers and acquisitions


Workforce optimization


Business pivots and expansion


Planning and managing growth


Compliance without gaps


Transformation & Strategy


Consulting with visibility

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The signals are looking good

Functionly is something I wish I had decades ago. This would have saved my team hours of work setting up and maintaining clear role responsibilities.

Kattie Capozza

Walt Disney Company (ex)

The traditional org chart is something I've struggled with. After seeing how the many functional roles could be sliced and diced, Functionly helped me radically optimize the people and workflows in my company.

Arnie Boyarsky

SugarShot Technology

It’s like Trello but purpose-built for functional work design.
The UX and the team behind it are awesome.

Tyron Hayes

Growth Generators

Functionly is one of the best, if not the best tool I have found to help my clients organize (and reorganize) their talent to deliver excellence.

Ron Schwartz

Brass Tacks

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