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“Given all of the stress points, this might be a time to evaluate whether you can do more with less and raise productivity.” Sequoia Capital, 2020

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We are a transformational work design platform for enterprise leaders, org development professionals & management consultants to map, design and support organizational transformations. We can work with you to create a custom functional chart and map work in record time no matter what size or industry you are in.
  • Import and map a custom functional chart
  • Manage multiple companies & Functional Org Charts
  • Enterprise Compliance & Control
  • Custom Insights & Data Access
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Choice of Implementation
Thanks for getting in touch with Functionly.
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Implementation options

Self onboarding is easy but sometimes it's great to have someone to light the way.
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  • Remote implementation assistance (3 x 45 min sessions)
  • Industry Function & Template library with customization support
  • Training videos and tools to help you lead the change
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Partner Supported Implementation

  • Import and map a custom functional chart
  • Facilitate the customization of the template library
  • Plan and manage change in complex environments
  • Work design optimization and change advisory
  • Custom training for your leadership and key people
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US $9,995

Frequently asked questions

Q. What’s a designer seat?

A work designer seat is for anyone that needs access to design an org, team or position for their organization.

Q. How much do employees / contractors cost?

Non-Designers are free and un-capped, so you can import your entire organization of 30 – 3000.

Q. What is a business “Function”?

Business Functions are the building blocks: strategic capabilities, expectations, key activities and people processes that your business needs in order to run effectively and deliver on your company’s goals and objectives. Think of them like departments. 

Q. How long does it take to implement Functionly?

It’s easy. We can help you to get up and running in less than an hour; If you have a complex, custom or unique organization then we have partners that can work on an implementation plan to help you navigate the process.

Q. Is a Functional structure the same as a reporting structure?

Functional architecture is an independent abstraction from the reporting structure (although there can be overlap). It represents the modern agility that most organizations have already developed but struggle to articulate and lead effectively with the tools available today.

Q. When will I be billed?

Functionly offers month to month terms or yearly terms. Paying in advance helps us and in turn, we help you by offering a 17% discount.

Q. Can you intigrate with HRMS/HRIS/Colaboration/Auth platforms?

We are able to integrate from all the commonly-used HRIS tools via excel and CSV exports. In time will offer real-time APIs to keep everything magically up to date.

We do partner closely with our client’s HR leaders so they have access to the valuable data we provide and can support in strategizing how it can be used to adapt the organization as it grows. 

Q. What are the alternatives to Functionly?

We are really unlike almost everything else on the market, but we are more closely related to work design, org design, team design, and job design. We most commonly replace spreadsheets, whiteboards, sticky-notes, and word documents.