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As teams grow, so do you. You manage a lot of pieces in the larger organizational puzzle, but may have trouble even thinking about how they connect to the company vision. Functionly allows businesses and organizations to map the functions that make up work in the business, and assign people to those functions. Many of us have experienced scenarios where our role description is out of date and despite the hard work we do, it’s not recognized or even seen because there’s nowhere to track it. Functionly solves that by tracking all the things you do and connecting those tasks back to the functions and master functions of the business.


You are pivotal to your organization’s success and retaining you is priority 1 when it comes to effectively growing and evolving into a better business. Ensuring you feel valued and connected to the company vision is a big part of why brands deploy Functionly. With Functionly, you’ll gain more visibility and control of your role and find out the areas where contribution is needed most and value is highest.

Get on the same page

Functionly is built for You

Does your manager understand all that you do within your role? With Functionly, track and map your entire role and drive performance conversations from that documented truth rather than high level and anecdotal chats.


• Record your entire role and every task you do

• Drive meaningful conversations around capacity vs. expectations

• Report up on the things you do that others are unaware of

• Communicate what you love vs. what you do

• Keep your role description up to date in real-time

• Populate a verified resume based on what you do, not just your title

• Seek promotions with clear reporting on your real work history

• Find a meaningful connection between your work and the org vision

“I should have told my investors I was taking a pause after our Series B, and invested another 3-6 months in processes and people, instead of rushing to ‘Scale Up’.” Jason Lemkin, SaaStr

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With Functionly, you...

Find the gaps, fast

Get the full picture on every function in your business, and uncover the gaps in work that cause you pain. Functionly helps you see what people do and don’t do and find the superstars that help you save the day.

Remove restructuring chaos & manage work in real-time

Big organizational planning initiatives create restructuring chaos and take many months to complete. It’s a drain of internal team time and energy. Functionly is deployed quickly and in a manner that empowers instead of detracting from productivity.

Light touch

Functionly offers an [in-house] lighter touch solution that is more effective and quicker to deploy than traditional high-fee consulting companies.

Empower teams to do their best work

Functionly provides a dashboard for function and people management. It equips managers and teams with visibility to allocate team energy to the right things. Imagine everyone on the team knowing what to work hard on all the time.

Infuse purpose into every role

Help every team member connect their core activities to the company mission. Every team player is instrumental but Functionly helps them see that as they find their fit in the overall mission, even as companies scale.

Remain agile, adapting to further growth

Intuitively and comprehensively keep the functions that run your business up to date in real-time. Help every member of the team know their role description in real-time without it ever going out of date.


Already trusted by these great brands

"We're now using the Functionly language when we're onboarding people, and we're mapping people to functions when we're advertising roles. It’s a key driver."
Brenton Charnley, Chief Commercial Officer at Rental Cover