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As the leader of a team, you’re in charge of placing people in the right spots, assigning work and managing performance effectively. Your team is made up of people but the work your people do is divided into the functions that run a business. Functionly empowers you to drive your teams conversations and efforts in the right direction by mapping the functions which form the engine room of work. Knowing what your team is doing vs. what they should be doing is powerful.



Working hard on the wrong things is a common issue in companies of all sizes, particularly as you grow. Functionly forces founders and executives to not just clearly define organizational goals but translate them into functions, tasks and roles for the future. In doing this, teams remain productive and aligned as companies scale from 30 to 1,000.

Empowered and productive

Functionly is built for Managers

Functionly empowers managers and teams with the clarity they need to direct energy towards mission critical activity, without guessing. With Functionly, you see first hand the direct contribution you and your team make to the company mission, and are given the information you need to reduce working on the wrong things, at any stage of growth.


• Drive your team’s engagement and performance

• Align team activity to meaningful strategies

• Focus your team on the right things and don’t waste energy

• Give precise feedback to leadership on team performance / utilization

• Collaborate with other team managers, finding a cohesive workflow

• Know what you and your team do, crafting team focus

• Give your one-on-ones clearer boundaries and metrics

• Taking the anxiety out of work reviews with clear expectations

• Use a framework that handles the intensity of a workplace

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With Functionly, you...

Manage with clarity

Help every team member find clarity on their role, the company’s expectations and how what they do connects to the overall purpose.

Stay accountable

With Functionly, awkward conversations driven on hunches and little data are a thing of the past. When everyone knows what they’re here to do and how their efforts connect to the bigger picture, accountability is easy to track.

Lead better

You can structure role conversations with team members around the functions they support and the real-time metrics associated with those functions. Functionly offers clear expectations that hold team members accountable. Take the guesswork and stress out of managing one-on-ones by facilitating an easy, quick and powerful conversation around what your team members do well and where there’s room for improvement.

Lead up

Ground up feedback drives healthy organizations. As managers, most of us have felt under-resourced at one time or another; struggling to get everything done with limited time and manpower. Reviewing what resources you have today and understanding how they are being deployed is the first step to understanding how efforts can be optimized and this is at the core of what Functionly offers managers every day.

Store role data

Information related to role descriptions and work processes often changes and without anywhere to store those changes, they get lost in people’s heads. Functionly provides a team management platform to store the information you sometimes struggle to recite.

Collaborate powerfully

While people work within teams, functions often cross over. It’s difficult for managers to collaborate and connect the blurry lines between teams and the work they do. With no shared language to guide those conversations, inter-department collaboration is hard to facilitate and track. Ensuring no two teams are in-efficiently tackling the same problem is a major part of what makes Functionly so valuable.

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