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More engagement. Increased performance.
Talent retention

Acquiring and retaining great employees

Companies focus on culture and compensation to drive this retention but the connection to meaningful work and organizational vision is statistically more important for high employee engagement. Unsatisfied employees can’t help but negatively affect those around them, creating unwanted rifts in culture. As the head of people in your business, it’s the very thing you work hard to stop. Functionly drives strategic conversations by providing clarity on the connection between an employee’s role and the company vision. When employees see that their work is meaningful, the research shows that they stay longer, remain more engaged, and increase performance.



Roles and work assignments change constantly. In fact, studies show that within 3 months, most role descriptions are outdated and unused. Tracking and retaining the most up to date information around work and people is incredibly hard. For companies who prioritize award rates and compensation compliance, managing this constantly changing landscape of roles becomes problematic and very time consuming. Functionly offers one place to manage changing functions and roles regardless of how fast a company grows or changes.

Motivate Better

Functionly is built for CPOs

As you continue to grow, manage, or plan for change, you need a uniform process and platform to use as a shared reference point. Functionly is more than a strategic deployment tool because it’s built with the ongoing needs of the Chief People Officer in mind. Functionly helps you master the complexity of growth and pivot with speed and insight. It empower simple conversations around what needs to be done and by who through provide real-time job landscapes for every person.


• Map tasks to company vision and strategy

• Drive engagement and performance for everyone

• Empower managers to track team performance with ease and clarity

• Take the guesswork out of what success looks like

• Know who to hire before you need them

• Track role and work changes in real-time

• Effectively resource short-term teams aligned to opportunities

• Manage employee work functions for remuneration discussions

• Find work that resonates with employee interests and loves


"Functionly is something I wish I had decades ago. This platform would have saved my clients and my team hours and hours of work..." Kattie Capozza, The Walt Disney Company | Gates Foundation

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With Functionly, you...

Produce happiness

Stay up to date with the work that each employee in your organization loves doing vs. is doing and find trends that track the right ratio. Find ways to transition staff towards the activities that they feel a personal passion for and are likely to perform better in.

Agile temporary teams

With Functionly, CPOs effectively allocate resources to projects or urgent initiatives that will pay off big for the company. Quasi interim team can be built based on existing roles, expertise and recorded notes on what employees love doing most.

Align success

To this point, there’s perhaps been no greater tool than Functionly when it comes to aligning the definition of success for all stakeholders. When teams know what functions contribute to the missional outcomes of the organization, they understand how to drive success both personally and collectively.

Help the CEO do strategy

Empower the CEO and C-Suite leaders to connect goals and strategy to people and functions, providing relevant insight on the working culture of the business and how it might be impacted by changes they make.

Hire better

See the work gaps before they become critical issues and proactively hire the right people to fill not just the cultural requirements but the functional work requirements.

Build real-time org charts

Create a vibrant org chart to drive career pathing discussions and company strategy discussions

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"We're now using the Functionly language when we're onboarding people, and we're mapping people to functions when we're advertising roles. It’s a key driver."
Brenton Charnley, Chief Commercial Officer at Rental Cover