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Clarity and focus as you grow
The Shift

From generalists to specialists

When you’re smaller, every day is an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ experience. Entire teams work together to get projects done and everyone embraces generalist roles so they can help where needed. This works effectively in short bursts but at a certain size, the generalist structure doesn’t prove to be an agile and efficient model to get work done.



Any company’s evolution involves a transition from generalist culture to that of specialists. Managing this operational shift requires a degree of mastery that few can execute intuitively. You need guidance and a process. As work changes in your business, Functionly gives you the visibility you need to facilitate conversations that lead to accurate and powerful work design transformation. When change needs to be made, it’s vital that the functions that run your business are mapped and the people that do them are recorded. Functionly enables both, creating a one-stop-tool to track, fix and pan work, hiring and teams in your business.



Working hard isn’t enough. Knowing that your people are working on the right things is essential to organizational effectiveness. But how do they or you even know what the right things are? In many companies, hard work is being performed, but often on the wrong things and so it’s difficult to improve and hold people accountable. Effort is not questioned – Focus is. 

Effort vs focus

Proactively manage performance (and OKRs)

Functionly helps COOs master the complexity of growth and pivot with speed and insight. We empower clearer structures and a robust design for how work gets done in your business. The result is sustained growth with empowered managers leading teams who are working on the right things.


• Uncover the operational gaps creating pain and inefficiency

• Create an accurate framework to drive role discussions 

• Build role accountability into meetings with clear expectations

• Successfully transition from a generalist structure to specialized

• Connect strategy and vision to functions and activities on the ground

• Gain back control of where you’re going and how to get there

• Eliminate ad-hoc org design chats

"I’ve always struggled with the traditional org chart. After seeing how the many functional roles could be sliced and diced, I was able to radically optimize my people and the workflows within my company." Arnie Boyarsky, CEO SugarShot

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With Functionly, you...

Empower managers

As COO, help managers build effective teams, whose work is meaningful and connected to the outcomes that matter.

Motivate team members

Create a reference point for every employee to help them proactively drive performance around the tasks that matter to the company.

Build meaningful connections

Help managers, leaders and team members see the importance of their work, drawing a thread from the day-to-day to the larger mission and vision.

Report with clarity

With more clarity than ever before on the work that is being done, that gaps that are present and the overall business work effectiveness, reporting to leadership empowers clearer conversations.

Lead with clear expectations

Assign clear expectations to every person in the company driving real-time accountability

Know the gaps

By analyzing the gaps and areas needing the most help, Functionly maps a safe, considered, and effective journey to change as you re-deploy roles and onboard new people with clarity and focus as needed.

Already trusted by these great brands

"We're now using the Functionly language when we're onboarding people, and we're mapping people to functions when we're advertising roles. It’s a key driver."
Brenton Charnley, Chief Commercial Officer at Rental Cover