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Know true cost

The power of Functionly is on full display for CFOs and finance managers. Functionly provides insight into where time is spent, allowing finance teams to draw an easy path from effort to profitability. With ground-up reporting within the framework of work design (what actually gets done), organizations who run Functionly know true costs and effort by silo, business unit, and team.



For many businesses, growth forecasting is exiled to spreadsheets. While effective for data entry, these spreadsheets don’t effectively facilitate strategic discussions on future employee resource needs. Functionly brings business modeling to life by acknowledging that revenue and hiring do not correlate perfectly. It’s nuanced and specific to industry and business capacity. Instead of managing by surprise, Functionly helps CFOs and executives get on the same page, by pre-empting capacity issues before they occur and limiting reactive decision making. For business leaders and CFOs, Functionly presents the perfect tool to plan the needs of your growing business by identifying the functions you’ll need in the future and allocating roles and future team members to those functions.

No more surprises

Functionly is built for CFOs

Functionly helps you creatively problem solve short and long term capacity issues, giving clarity when part of a business is strained while another is over resourced. It becomes the one place to track your work design strategy.


• Manage your headcount instead of your headcount managing you

• Solve short term capacity issues without hiring outside of budget

• Drive engagement and performance for every team member

• Better forecasting of hires based on pre-emptive strategy

• Connect work design to growth and budgeting

• Empower your CEO to make proactive plans rather than reactive

• Effectively report up the chain of command on metrics that matter

• Measure ROI and net value with ease and precision


“Given all of the above stress points on your finances, this might be a time to evaluate critically whether you can do more with less and raise productivity.” Sequoia Capital

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2/8 Org Scenario Designer (Coming Soon)
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With Functionly, you...

Budget better

Get the full picture on every function in your business, and uncover the gaps in work that cause you pain, paving the way for effective and less wasteful hiring plans.

Remove restructuring chaos & manage work in real-time

Big organizational planning initiatives create restructuring chaos and take many months to complete, not to mention being expensive. They’re obsolete by the time they’re ready to deploy. Functionly helps you manage the complexity of work in real-time.

Light touch

Functionly offers an [in-house] lighter touch solution that is more effective and quicker to deploy than traditional high-fee consulting companies, limiting the drain on internal team energy, and allowing transformative work to take place without jeopardizing output.

Empower your managers to know the metrics

Functionly provides a dashboard for function and people management. It equips managers with visibility to allocate team energy to the right things.

Infuse intent into every actio

Help every team member connect their core activities to the company objectives and maximize productivity. Enhance individual and team ROI for the company by providing better mechanisms to feed back between executives and teams even at scale.

Remain agile, adapting to further growth

Intuitively and comprehensively keep the functions that run your business up to date in real-time. Bridge the gap between intention and reality by enabling tactical deployment.


Already trusted by these great brands

"We're now using the Functionly language when we're onboarding people, and we're mapping people to functions when we're advertising roles. It’s a key driver."
Brenton Charnley, Chief Commercial Officer at Rental Cover