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The CEO Dilemma

No more spinning plates

As the leader, you look ahead to aim your efforts today on the ‘wins’ you’ll see in 6 months time. As you grow beyond a certain size, mobilizing action that gets you closer to your vision becomes orders of magnitude harder as the organization stretches beyond one person’s control. Leaders lose visibility on what’s happening on the ground, and managers don’t have the information they need to be effective. Outdated work design systems restrict leaders and their ability to be agile and enact transformation and meaningful action is held off because of work design friction. 



With more chaos and less clarity, the chance of your top-level vision materializing into day-to-day activity becomes slimmer as your headcount grows. With more people working on the wrong things, growth is limited by energy being placed in the wrong places and productivity suffers significantly.

Master Work

Functionly is built for CEOs

Functionly helps you master the complexity of growth and pivot with speed and insight.  We empower clearer structures and a robust design for how work gets done in your business. The result is sustained growth with empowered managers leading teams who are working on the right things.


• Know your gaps before they become significant issues

• Gain confidence that the vision is being deployed with increased optics

• Empower your leaders to run the day-to-day

• Translate your vision into the functions for the team

• Map your company to functions not people and elevate efficiency

• Design your org in real time easily and powerfully

• Know your next hire before you need them

• Benchmark your org design with industry ideals

• Gain back control of where you’re going and how to get there

• Eliminate ad-hoc org design chats

The payoff is immense

Not just in dollar savings, but in cultural empowerment. New levels of productivity can be reached when the mechanisms you use to hire, delegate and deploy work are synchronized and harmonious. That’s what Functionly enables you to do.

“I should have told my investors I was taking a pause after our Series B, and invested another 3-6 months in processes and people, instead of rushing to ‘Scale Up’.” Jason Lemkin, SaaStr

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With Functionly, you...

Find your gaps, fast

Get the full picture on every function in your business, and uncover the gaps in work that cause you pain. Functionly creates a framework that captures all the functions and people that run your business to ensure once and for all that nothing is lost along the way.

Remove restructuring chaos & manage work in real-time

Big organizational planning initiatives create restructuring chaos and take many months to complete. They’re obsolete by the time they’re ready to deploy. Functionly helps you manage the complexity of work in real-time with an intuitive and fluid people blueprint that is robust enough to pivot as you do.

Light touch

Functionly offers an [in-house] lighter touch solution that is more effective and quicker to deploy than traditional high-fee consulting companies. Aligned to your work-force in real-time, we leverage our built-in IP to power technology that helps you benchmark your growth journey to the best practice.

Empower your managers and teams to do their best work

Functionly provides a dashboard for function and people management. It equips managers with visibility to allocate team energy to the right things. Bring context into team conversations by keeping managers and their people focused on deploying energy on the right work.

Infuse purpose into every role & build culture

Help every team member connect their core activities to the company mission. Provide better mechanisms for bottom-up communication and feedback, allowing your people to feel heard and find their fit, even as you scale.

Remain agile, adapting to further growth

Intuitively and comprehensively keep the functions that run your business up to date in real-time. Bridge the gap between intention and reality by enabling tactical deployment.


Already trusted by these great brands

"We're now using the Functionly language when we're onboarding people, and we're mapping people to functions when we're advertising roles. It’s a key driver."
Brenton Charnley, Chief Commercial Officer at Rental Cover