What do the red dots mean?

Red dots represent gaps and cracks in the functional accountabilities and responsibilities in your organization. Below we'll explain what they signify in their different locations.

Team Chart

A red dot next to a function or superfunction indicates that the function has not been allocated to a team - we refer to this as a gap. You can allocate a function to any team by dragging and dropping it from the sidebar onto a team. The red dot will disappear to show it has been allocated.

In the below example the function 'Stock/Share Administration' is the only function from  'Governance' not assigned to a team and so has no red dot next to it.



Edit Roles

When you click 'Edit roles' to view the roles in a particular team, any red dot next to a function means that although the team is accountable for it, the function has not been allocated to a person in that team.

In the below example we can see that all of the functions the Operations team is responsible for have been allocated to someone in the team, with the exception of 'Investor Relations' which has a red dot next to it.



You can also see this represented using the 'Resourcing lens on the Team Chart.