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How to allocate Functions to People as Responsibilities

This is where we get into the detail of what each person is responsible and where Activities will really prove their value.

Allocate Functions and Activities to People

To allocate Functions to People within a Team, you first need to be in the 'Team Editor'. You can find this by clicking the three dots in the top right hand corner of any team and selecting 'Team View' or by selecting 'Team Editor' near the top left of your scenario and choosing any team.

Once on this view, you'll see the People in that Team in the middle and any Functions the Team is accountable for on the left. Red dots on this view mean that no one in the team is responsible for these Functions... yet!

To allocate these Functions to a person, simply drag and drop them onto that person. As you do you'll notice that the red dots disappear.

But wait there's more!

After the Functions have been allocated to the person you can then assign the Activities associated with them also. Click on the person and a view of them with all of their Functions will appear on the right. Then click 'Assign responsibilities' to start making them responsible for the Activities associate with the Function. You can also add new Activities this way.

Back on your 'People Chart' (the view of your whole organization) you can see the percentage of Functions that have been allocated by clicking the 'Resourcing' lens near the top left. The percentage will appear at the top of each team's panel.

To see full list of the Functions and Activities allocated to a person simply click anywhere you see their name and it will appear in a modal.