A work design platform with the tools and visibility to lead transformational change.
Functional Insight Tools

Deeply understand your business at an organizational, team, and individual level.

Functionly insights give your leadership team real time data on where energy, motivation, and functional gaps are across your business. Make more informed decisions, enhance performance, and create a foundation for a more aligned work environment.

Operational Alignment Tools (Align)

Create consistent, functional alignment across your entire organization.

Ensure the right things are being worked on, by the right people, at the right time. Use your people insights to effectively guide resources. Set job responsibilities and keep them up to date for every individual and plan roles based on functional needs.

Work Design Suite

Click your organization into place and 10x your workplace satisfaction.

The dynamic work design suite enables leaders to build the most effective organizational structure, and resource efficient teams. Click your way to building a more energized and satisfied organization, creating new levels of connection and alignment with your people.

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Whether you’re leading through high growth, uncertain times, or integrating multiple businesses, Functionly helps you to Understand, Align, and Design your organization.

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2/8 Org Scenario Designer (Coming Soon)
3/8 Custom Job Template Library (Coming Soon)
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6/8 Superfunction Overview
7/8 Team Overview
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The Functionly Libraries


A strategy is only as successful as the functions that make it happen. Map every capability, business process and activity.


Functional Mapping


Functional architecture is a powerful new construct that empowers leaders at all levels to guide energy to the areas of the business that need it. 


Team Engagement


Engage your managers and teams from one platform to make informed decisions and more effectively guide their teams.


Gap Checks


You can’t fix what you can’t see. We give you visibility into every function, position and person.


Manager Visibility


Working hard on the wrong things is a common issue growing companies face, and it’s a costly issue. 


Ground Up Empowerment


Team players are given clarity on their role including the functions they own and contribute to.


Ongoing Accountability


Keep your team aligned and accountable to the mission at all times while keeping the functions that run your business up to date.


Real Time Iteration


An agile structure empowers you to adjust to changes in the market without dropping any balls, and with startling efficiency.

"I’ve always struggled with the traditional org chart. After seeing how the many functional roles could be sliced and diced, I was able to radically optimize my people and the workflows within my company." Arnie Boyarsky, CEO SugarShot

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