Work Design Suite

The Workforce Design Suite is the latest creation from Functionly and will be available for Functionly customers and paid trial accounts from Q2, 2020.

10x worker satisfaction

The dynamic work design suite enables leaders to build the most effective organizational structure, and resource efficient teams. Click your way to building a more energized and satisfied organization, creating new levels of connection and alignment with your people.
From building teams to role profiles, the design suite is the ideal place for planning out the right scenario for your future.

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Org Scenario Designer

Explore different scenarios, team configurations and individual roles as you design for the future with intention. Invite trusted collaborators to align on future plans and vision.

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Team & Role Design

Optimize every team in your organization. Find ‘best fit’ people for specific responsibilities, and ensure resourcing levels are right for every function.

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Custom Job Template Library

Job Description templates you can customize and access in one place. You’re just one click away from a new hire, change of role or updating your job description records.

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Headcount Planning

Align leaders on hiring opportunities, resource reductions, vacancies, and future headcount planning. Optimize every change in resource across the organization for clearer planning and visibility.

“I should have told my investors I was taking a pause after our Series B, and invested another 3-6 months in processes and people, instead of rushing to ‘Scale Up’.” Jason Lemkin, SaaStr