Operational Alignment Tools

Consistent, functional alignment

Ensure the right things are being worked on, by the right people, at the right time. Use your people insights to effectively guide resources. Set job responsibilities and keep them up to date for every individual and plan roles based on functional needs.

Job Landscape

Easily discover how your team spends time and what gives them energy at work. Effectively allocate responsibilities that motivate and improve efficiency.

Responsibility Mapping

Keep responsibilities up to date and on the same page in one central platform. Allocate and optimize resourcing to close the gaps and improve motivation.


A resource that covers every capability, business process and activity in your organization. Create a shared language, and make use of years of Functionly research to guide new and existing role responsibilities and clarity.

Coming Soon

Team Accountabilities

Allocate the right accountabilities to the right leaders so everyone can see how each team provides value, reduce overlap, and who owns what’ in your organization.

Coming Soon

Job Description Exporting

Export responsibility-based Job Descriptions for your people, new vacancies and template jobs. Create a new job description in 30-seconds.

“I should have told my investors I was taking a pause after our Series B, and invested another 3-6 months in processes and people, instead of rushing to ‘Scale Up’.” Jason Lemkin, SaaStr